Port Solutions offer all services for port and terminal technology, design and operational efficiency projects – Smart Ports delivered.

Smart Ports from Port Solutions Ltd

Operational Efficiency – reviewing and guiding best practice in cargo operations

Port Solutions has a group of terminal operations management and port consultants to review, improve and manage change at all type of port and cargo terminal operation. Particular value is offered for creating and reviewing terminal design and operational concepts for new-build and port renovation projects.   Metrics and data analysis to find and resolve challenges in all types of operation.

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Business Analysis – understanding and documenting your operational structures and workflows, for where improvements can be made, to grow and strengthen the operation.

Port Solutions have seasoned expertise in all types of cargo and port operations, we deploy a selection of consulting tools to understand your business – from flow charts to staff questionnaires. We can deliver a holistic understanding, through Business Process Mapping, of how your business works and – more importantly – identify areas for improvement and evolve a suitable business solution.

Smart Port Technology Selection – detailed design and selection for software and hardware needs for the terminal, supporting the client in procurement and contracting with suppliers.

Port Solutions have designed technology solutions across the port industry, from coal to containers to cars.  The solution to deliver improvements usually involves a combination of products, services and methods, including:

Software – Terminal Operating Systems (TOS/TMS), Gate Operating Systems (GOS), SCADA, Security/ISPS, Access Management, Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Port Community Systems (PCS), Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Resource Management and Scheduling, Berth Scheduling, Management Report and Business Intelligence (BI), KPI dashboards, Port Community Systems (PCS) and more…

Hardware – Radio Data Terminals (RDT/HHT/VMT), Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID), Differential GPS (DGPS), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), CCTV, human biometrics and more…

Infrastructure – Wireless networks, 4G (GPRS) networks, narrowband RF and more…

Procurement – reviewing and guiding clients in selecting correct software solutions, either off-the-shelf or custom-made, is a vital service to ensure specifications are accurately constructed and supplier deliverables are contracted robustly.

Terminal Design – renovation, new-build and terminal organisation for all cargo types.

Layouts of container and multi-cargo yards, traffic, gate and CFS operational processes, including CAD.   Concept designs and feasibility studies for new sites or renovation of existing facilities.

Management Change – changes to staff structures, work processes, training and business attitude in the operation.

This typically includes staff training on new solutions, re-shaping of work processes and job roles, management of re-skilling and staff capability assessments, to ensure that the chosen improvement benefits are fully delivered through the people, always an operation’s most valuable asset.

Project Deployment – designing and delivering efficient projects to deploy the chosen solutions, with experienced project management and change consulting.

Any port or terminal consultancy, design or business change project can have many facets of technology, business and staff requirements that must weave together efficiently to deliver the project.   The design and management of this, through realistic and persistent project management is a key Port Solutions skill, and we are PRINCE2 certified to deliver compliant projects.

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