Special Fixed-Price Consulting Audit Packages

Is your terminal suffering ?

…low productivity….customer complaints….high costs….poor reliability ?

Call us for a fresh look and some new ideas with one of our fixed-price audits

Terminal Design Efficiency

> Terminal / Port Layout and Traffic Flow

> Equipment Operation

> Stacking and Planning Strategy

Terminal Systems Performance

> Staff usage and systems’ operation

> Integration and Automation

> Customer Service levels

Operational Productivity

> Vessel Stevedoring and Marine Operations

> Yard and Vessel Planning and Operation

> KPI Measurements

Landside Exchange Efficiency

> Truck (or Rail) Processing

> Admin, Customs and Billing

> Gate Systems

Fixed Price

Packages start from US$ 5,000
(plus travel expenses)

> Onsite Visit for Operational Review
> Detailed Report of Observations & Recommendations

We always operate with Independence, Integrity and Clarity

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United Port Consultants 

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